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Picking Up Speed

These past couple of weeks have been pretty busy!

The Saturday before this one I had the pleasure to perform at my friend wedding in Marseille France. I guess you can consider this to be my first "wedding gig": I sang some of my originals as well as cover songs during the reception hours. I added an excerpt of the show below!

After the weekend, I went to Paris and this past Wednesday (October 3rd) had my first show in Paris France at l'Etage. Many of my friends showed up and I met new French musicians. Check the video below (sorry for the sound quality)

I flew back the next day (Thursday) and had a few days to rest before my show yesterday evening at Pianos in the lower east side of Manhattan.

This has been a very busy week and I enjoy most of it.

That said, I did experience a few setback due to lack of anticipations. Here are some of the take away from this past week:

Get some backup

On Wednesday I set up one of my device so it could record my facebook live. It worked for a while, but then the WiFi got spotty. It resulted in poor video quality and non-existant footage at the end. That was a bummer because it was my first show in France, and I was not able to document it properly... From now on I shall alway record my shows from two devices just in case one miserably fails. When possible and once I have more funds available, I shall hire a professional to record it.

Plug it + Get Extra

I have been on a budget and recorded my shows on Iphones ans well one of my cameras. Unfortunately, one of my phones tends to die pretty quickly so I constantly had to charge it with the only chord I had brought on my trip. Additionally, I had forgotten my portable batteries in New York. From now on, I will always travel with multiple chords, battery and adaptor so I can always have all my devices operational to tape my shows.

Mailing List:

One of major faux-pas of the trip is not taking any emails. How can I expect to communicate with people and build an audience if I don't collect their info? From now on, I should carry a little book or mailing list card at each shows, and even maybe goodies to give away to my fans!

Overall, I am extremely grateful to learn something new at every show and accumulating experience as I go. For instance, yesterday i recorded the show and added a small lapel microphone which usually does amazing for the sound quality. Unfortunately, in this setting it just picked too much sound. I also experimented in seating for my set - I will say is that it is important to find the right position and keep aware of your positioning cause it may impact the quality of your vocals (at least for me), also a L shape 1/4 inch cable is the way to go when you seat. These are small technicality but so important!

What's next?

I am almost back on track with my 12 shows a year challenge! (right now I am at #8 and next week @ Shrine it will be my 9th). Now I need 3 more booking by the end of the year to complete this. Additionally, I am thinking of a 52 gig / year challenge for 2019.

I had a lot of fun at the wedding show and I want to try out wedding gigs. I think to put up an acoustic set/repertoire with French music, jazz, bossa nova and etc... and look for a guitar player and start a duo. So be on the lookout for that very soon! I may be your next cocktail party

Thank you for reading and see you in next weeks for more!

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