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Getting back on track

So last week I did not post anything but a pretty picture of myself and my Uke and a video of me singing - simply because I was out of inspiration.

I thought I would go later during the week and write something deep and interesting, but to my disarray - the week came to an end without me realizing and here I was, with nothing more to say.

I started to feel badly about it, then came to my senses: it is ok to fail sometimes - I will write more in the next few weeks.

After all, it has been a long month: I launch my travel blog, had to edit videos for my youtube channel, and keep living my life... so it was time for me to take a break.

Actually this was necessary because I have been going hard, trying to book shows, practicing on a daily basis, networking, writing and arranging music, and brainstorming about what should be next. It is not easy to tell the truth - but nobody said it would.

I had so many exciting projects this summer and when things I had planned did not come to fruition I felt a bit discouraged, instead of working harder. I think I am back on track and this week I am going to tackles things the right way.

I guess I would love to find someone to work with creatively but also business-wise.

I guess I should work on my business plan... yeah that is what I am going to do this week!!!!

In the Meantime, here is a video from my latest show at the Shrine in Harlem

Have an excellent week!


Thank you for reading and see you in next weeks for more!

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