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Mid November Blues

I have the blues... But the show must go on so... let's start by promoting that upcoming show!

Also, let's acknowledge one accomplishment of week: I finally finish the song I have been meaning to complete for years. I just needed the bridge and it is done. I will perform it Thursday!!!! I am pretty excited because I really like that tune - that does not have yet a definite name (but that is just a detail)

So, things have been moving, slow but moving. I am currently brainstorming for the upcoming year 2019: I am attempting to book shows in the city and domestically as well as trying to make my way to the west coast next year (fingers crossed). Many projects in perspective, maybe record a quick EP and publish that poetry book

This entrepreneur life is no joke and it is hard to self-motivate at time. I think the most important thing is to surround yourself with positive and encouraging people.

On another note, I created a tutorial for an app I often use called Canva.

Here is the video if you care to check it out!

That is it for this week

Thank you for reading!

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